An Escrow Experience You Can Trust

Taylor Escrow has more than 25 years' experience in the escrow industry. Our professional staff is highly trained and well versed in all aspects of a transaction; no matter how complex the transaction or how challenging the economic condition of the marketplace.

Trust is something Taylor Escrow does not take lightly. Taylor Escrow promises to earn your trust by our work ethics, actions and professionalism.

Our Key Methods include:
  • Licensing: Taylor Escrow is a Department of Business Oversight (DBO) licensed escrow company rather than a Department of Real Estate (DRE) licensed company. Why is it important to us and to you? A DBO licensed escrow company is regulated by the State of Californias Department of Business Oversight whereas a DRE licensed company is regulated by the California Department of Real Estate. The DBO is considered a more proactive body. The DBO conducts more audits, has higher financial requirements to open a DBO regulated escrow company, and more stringent guidelines. A DRE regulated escrow company is limited by the type of business that it can originate. Taylor Escrow opted to be a DBO company because we embrace the higher expectation of due diligence and believe frequent, random audits are beneficial to all parties. Taylor Escrow raises the bar as high as it can go - we do not want it any other way, and neither should you.
  • Paperless: Today's technology allows Taylor Escrow to keep track and share files more diligently than ever before. Taylor Escrow has adopted a 'green' environment that is good for everyone.
  • Pro-active: Taylor Escrow officers are trained to be pro-active – to look for potential problems before they occur to ensure a more stress-free transaction that closes smoothly and on time.
  • Where are we located: Taylor Escrow's corporate office is located in Aliso Viejo, Orange County, California. Taylor Escrow services serves the entire state of California.